What will I be making?

You will be a making a website to put up on the internet. An example of mine is here.

Where can I find everything in the video?

  • Set up your HTML document (4:13)
  • Add a heading and paragraph (7:00)
  • Add an image (9:43)
  • Add a link (13:22)
  • Add your CSS file (15:26)
  • Change the background color (17:54)
  • Change the text (20:19)
  • Switch between a block and inline display (24:27)
  • Change the size of your image (25:22)
  • Use divs to organize your site (26:23)
  • Add margins and padding (31:31)
  • Curve your corners (35:10)
  • Put your website on the internet (35:52)

Can I take a look at your code?

Sure, check it out here

Here’s the video to explain what your doing: