Scratch Challenge #6: Shooting Game

What will I be making?

You be making a point and click shooting game. Click on the green flag to try the example below

Where can I find the various skills in the video?

  • Make a target that follows the mouse around. (2:00)
  • Make your character move from side to side(4:04)
  • Make a shooting effect. (12:06)
  • Make your character continually move across the screen. (17:18)
  • Change the speed of character as the game progresses. (20:04)
  • Make your variable more attractive. (21:16)
  • Use the modulo operator. (23:36)
  • End the game(30:53)
  • Add the sound effects. (35:30)
  • Using cloud variables. (41:48)

Here’s the video that explains how to do everything: