Scratch Challenge #8: Fruit Ninja

What will I be making?

You will make a version of Fruit Ninja that uses your webcam instead of the touchscreen. Try the example out below. (but make sure to allow Scratch to use your webcam when prompted!)

Where can I find various the skills in the video?

  • Writing pseudocode to plan your game. (1:36)
  • Get a background from the internet. (3:57)
  • Add instructions to start the game. (5:50)
  • Pick a random sprite. (10:00)
  • Launch sprites from a random spot, in a random direction, to a random height. (13:33)
  • Add a gravity effect. (22:55)
  • Use the webcam. (25:32)
  • Put the launch into a loop. (30:03)
  • Add a score. (32:10)
  • Repeat look and hide sprite if missed. (34:27)
  • Stop the script if the game ends. (38:10)
  • Add the other fruits. (40:12)
  • Add the bomb. (47:20)
  • Increase the difficulty as the game goes on. (52:35)
  • Have a sprite say the score once the game ends. (56:00)

What can I check in order to make sure I finished?

Here’s the video: