Scratch Challenge #7: Flappy Bird

What will I be making?

You be making your own version of the game Flappy Bird (or another side-scrolling game if you want!). You can play the example below.

Where can I find various the skills in the video?

  • Use a sprite sheet to create sprites of well-known characters. (0:43)
  • Upload sprites and backgrounds from a file. (13:18)
  • Create a scrolling effect. (14:21)
  • Make a realistic gravity effect. (26:23)
  • Have your sprite point in the direction they are moving. (30:43)
  • Make obstacles (in this case the pipes) that vary in size and location. (32:52)
  • Use the clone block. (36:34)
  • End the game. (41:28)
  • Keep score. (44:15)
  • Change the presentation of the variable. (48:50)

What can I check in order to make sure I finished?

Here’s the video: