Scratch Challenge #3: Quiz Game

What will I be making?

You will make a game that asks the users questions and tells them if they are right or wrong. Answering correctly will take the sprite to a different background. You will learn how to use the question feature, broadcast messages to communicate across sprites, how to make animations, and more. Click on the green flag to try the example out.


Where can I find how to do (blank) in the video?

Here you go:

Asking Questions (2:40)

  • Use the circular answer value block (3:23)
  • Check the correctness of your questions with an if/then/else statement (5:16)

Broadcast messages (7:33)

  • Insert a broadcast message (8:08)
  • Receive a broadcast message to trigger an event (8:24)
  • Change backgrounds with a broadcast message (11:15)

Other skills

  • Stop the script (10:24)
  • Add animations to your sprite (18:46)
  • Add music to your game (20:42)


This video explains everything:

What can I check in order to make sure I finished?

I want a little more challenge. Any suggestions?

  • Can you make a question and answer game that is not a quiz? Maybe more like a choose your own adventure game?
  • Can you figure out how to make a quiz with clickable answers?