Scratch Challenge #2: Make a Basic Game

What will I be making?

In this challenge you will make a game in which the user controls his or her sprite to avoid an enemy and complete an objective. Click the green flag below to try my version.


  • Arrow keys to control your spaceship
  • Space bar shoots
  • Use the A key and S key to rotate your spaceship


What will I be learning? Where can I find it in the video below

  • How to grow and shrink your sprite (1:12)
  • Use the arrow keys to make your sprite move (1:38)
  • Create a shooting effect (4:38)
  • Learn the difference between moving your sprite using steps and controlling it on the XY axis (7:19)
  • Copy scripts to anther Sprite (12:42)
  • Have a sprite move in a random direction around the screen (13:45)
  • End your game if a sprite touches something you don’t want it to (17:04)
  • Use a variable to keep score (19:24)
  • Add sound to your game (20:53)

Okay, I think I’m finished. What can I check to make sure?

You can find everything you need in the video below: