Scratch Challenge #1: Make Scratchy Draw a Picture

What will I be making?

In our introduction to Scratch, you will change make your sprite (character) move around the stage while it draws something you tell it to. Your final product will somewhat like this (click the green flag to make it move)

Okay, how can I make this?

In order to make your own version of this you can follow along with the video below. Remember when you see a change you can make to your project, pause the video and go do it. Don’t watch the whole video and try to remember it!

What if I want to find a specific skill in the video?

Here is a list of skills with the time they appear in the video.

  • Change your background. (2:28)
  • Have your sprite go to a specific spot. (4:20)
  • Make your sprite move continuously. (5:39)
  • Use the pen blocks. (7:32)
  • Change the pen color. (8:19)
  • Use the glide blocks. (9:41)
  • Use mulitple colors. (11:22)

If your project can meet all of the following requirements, congratulations you have completed your first Scratch project!

Here’s the video: