Microsoft Word Tutorial #2: Make a Brochure

What will I be making?

You will use Word to create a trifold brochure on a topic of your choosing.

Here is a picture of the brochure with where you can find the skills in the video:

Page 1:


Page 2:


But wait! Don’t get started yet.

Before you do the fun styling you need to make sure you have the structure set up. Here is where you can find those skills in the video:

  • Add gridlines (2:19)
  • Switch between landscape and portrait (2:39)
  • Change the margins (2:58)
  • Use a page break to make a second page (4:00)
  • Insert a textbox to divide your brochure into sections (4:31)
  • Getting the print layout correct (6:41)
  • Label the sections (8:50)
  • Print your brochure to check it (9:48)

What do I need to have in order to finish?

This video explains everything: