Microsoft Word Tutorial #1: Make a Calendar

What will I be making?

You will make your own custom calendar in Microsoft Word. You will learn how to manipulate text and images inside of the popular word processing application. It will look like this:

page example

Where can I find various the skills in the video?

  • Changing the view (0:40)
  • Switch to landscape view (0:52)
  • Make a table (1:53)
  • Color the table (3:44)
  • Change the style of the text (8:49)
  • Add the shape for the title background (9:30)
  • Use a text box to add the title(11:21)
  • Add a picture (13:11)
  • Zoom in and out(15:21)
  • Using images with transparent backgrounds (16:54)


What can I check in order to make sure I finished?


This video explains everything: