PowerPoint Challenge 2: Make a Jeopardy Game

What am I going to be making?

You will be making an interactive quiz game out of the different slides. It will look like this.


What skills will I be learning? Where can I find them in the video below?

  • How to delete the first slide and replace it with a blank one (0:40)
  • Insert a text effect (1:09)
  • Create clickable shapes (2:03)
  • Insert an action setting that takes you to a specific slide (4:26)
  • Copy and paste your slides (8:25)

This video will take you through the whole process?

What can I check to make sure I am finished?

  • ALL of your buttons and slides work – be sure to check this on your own and with a friend.
  • There is always a way for the user to get back home
  • Your blocks and questions are properly aligned
  • The fonts and colors look attractive, intentional, and well-designed