Excel Challenge #2: Track Your Stock

What I am I going to be making?

You will make a table and chart that automatically calculates and graphs several values.

What skills will I be learning? Where can I find them in the video below?

  • Do a basic equation (2:32)
  • Name a cell (3:32)
  • Quickly fill in values with the black cross (5:35)
  • Make a table (6:41)
  • Format the cells (8:00)
  • Make a chart (9:33)
  • Change a chart’s layout (11:10)


This video will take you through the whole process

Okay, I think I’m finished. What do I need to check to be sure?

– Are you are using equations within Excel to get your results?

– Have you made a sortable table?

– Are your dollar amounts and dates are properly formatted?

– Have you defined a name for your number of stocks?

– Does your chart have a title with both axes labeled?

– Do you only have one data series?