Pixlr Editor Challenge #1

What will I be making?

You will be combining a picture of yourself with another picture. The options for what you can do with this are endless. Here is an example of one that I made. You should be creative with this (ie don’t do another wanted poster like me)

wanted tutorial

Where can I find the various skills in the video?

  • Use Advanced Google search (1:50)
  • Loading an image from the internet into your project. (2:32)
  • Loading an image you took into your project. (3:52)
  • Cut out part of your picture and paste onto the background. (4:55)
  • Use the free transform tool. (7:07)
  • Use the erasor(7:48)
  • How layers work. (8:00)
  • Use the magic wand tool(9:03)
  • Use the zoom tool. (10:00)
  • Making color adjustments. (11:17)
  • Saving your picture. (12:35)

What can I check to make sure I’m finished?

This video explains what to do: