GarageBand Tutorial: Make Your First Song

What am I making?

You will record a multitrack song using GarageBand. I do an electrified version of Mary Had a Little Lamb in the example, but you can pick any song you want

Where can I find various the skills in the video?

  • Create a new file. (0:57)
  • Use keyboard to play music. (1:30)
  • Change your instrument. (2:21)
  • Add effects to your instrument. (3:14)
  • Change the BPM, key, and time signature. (3:49)
  • Record your song. (4:48)
  • Use the editor to make more precise changes. (6:24)
  • Add another track. (10:48)
  • Add a drum loop. (11:36)
  • Repeat your loop (12:48)
  • Change the track settings. (13:26)
  • Add a synth. (15:30)
  • Share your song. (17:34)

What can I check in order to make sure I finished?

Here’s the video: