What will I be making?

You will create a basic audio recording in Audacity with music, special effects, and audio effects

Where can I find the skills in the video

  • Record your voice (0:48)
  • Playback and manipulate your tracks (1:25)
  • Delete parts of your track (2:20)
  • Add external music and sound effects (3:25)
  • Delete everything besides what you highlighted (5:47)
  • Using the zoom tools (6:18)
  • Move your tracks around (7:00)
  • Fade out your tracks using an effect (9:40)
  • Fade out your tracks with the enveloped tool (10:32)
  • Cut and paste multiple tracks together (12:55)
  • Use the change speed and change tempo effects (15:12)
  • Use the normalize effect to make your volume fit with the rest of the tracks (16:40)
  • Use the amplify effect (18:42)
  • Generate tones, silence, noise, etc. (19:48)
  • Export your audio to MP3 (20:53)

Here’s the video: