Learn to program an interactive adventure or animate a fantastical tale. You will learn how make your very first game then proceed all the way up to making your own version of Flappy Bird and Fruit Ninja.



Get out there and make. Here you will learn how to do things that connect computing to the physical world. Learn how to make an automatic nightlife with an Arduino or program a Lego robot that senses the world around it.

web development

Web Development

It’s time to create your very own website. Learn the text-based languages of HTML and CSS as you broadcast your thoughts and ideas out to the world.


Audio & Visual

Get that inner artist out. Audio & Visual covers everything from graphic design to film making. Superimpose an image of yourself on the moon (or anywhere else), make your movie, and more!



Be productive while having fun at the same time. Learn varioius productivity applications by tracking the stock market in Excel, making a brochure in Google Docs, and more.